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Our passion for occupational therapy stems from our love of helping others. We especially enjoy working in pediatrics as there is so much potential for growth, joy, and independence. As occupational therapists, our treatment not only focuses on the child but also on the family. We believe this plays a large role in client and family success.

In our treatment, we also like to place an emphasis on overall sensory and emotional regulation to promote participation and engagement in session. Our methodology follows the current research in the field, and we keep on top of all new developments within the profession.

As pediatric occupational therapists, we are also very passionate about creating a community to foster a support system for parents.

Get to Know Us

I'm born and raised in Orange County, California! I love being outdoors, going to the beach, playing tennis, and spending time with my friends and family. I also have a 1-year-old mini dachshund named Olive.

Working with children has always been my dream, so I'm grateful to do what I love every day. I am very passionate about and certified in sensory and reflex integration. This has allowed me to help children from the root of their difficulties and empower families with the knowledge to best support their child.

McKenzie Collins, MS, OTR/L

Chloe Poon, MS, OTR/L, SWC

I am originally from Hong Kong and lived in the UK for 10 years before moving to California! In my free time, I love spending time with my dog, Phillip, being creative and cooking!

My passion in cooking and being creative led me to occupational therapy, in particular feeding therapy. I have worked with children throughout my career and love the joy I get to share with them and their families. I received my advanced qualification in feeding and swallowing - I am very excited to continue to share the joy of eating with all the families I work with!

Other Certifications

The Sequential-Oral-Sensory (SOS) Approach to Feeding

A feeding approach that is based on typical developmental feeding steps, stages, and skills found in children. This integrates motor, oral, behavioral, medical, sensory, and nutritional factors.

Neurobiology of Swallowing & Dysphagia

A deep understanding of anatomical functions of swallowing and concerns leading to dysphagia.

Sensory Integration Therapy

A method that uses play-oriented activities to help children with sensory processing difficulties and desensitize or cope with sensory input in their day to day lives.

Swallowing Assessment, Evaluation, and Intervention (SWC)

Advanced practice certification from California Board of Occupational Therapy to treat oral motor and sensory concerns with regards to feeding.

Reflex Integration Therapy

A method that manually phases out specific developmental primitive reflexes when there is retainment passed natural stages, in order to allow for more advanced progression through natural milestones.

Rhythmic Movement Training

A method that uses a system of gentle rhythmic movements and reflex integration activities for developing emotional balance, learning ability, sensory integration, and nervous system regulation through limbic system stimulation.


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